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residential services

Since 2000, Carolina Gallery has provided printing, framing, and fine art for businesses, institutions, and indiviudals.

Some things are fine to hang in cheap frames that you pulled out of the bargain bin, but other things deserve a special touch.

Whether it's your children's artwork, your family's heirlooms, expertise or accomplishment documented by diploma or certification, or those special memories that have been captured by the family photographer, what you hang on the wall reflects your life's story.

We will work with you to strike the proper balance between cost and quality.

From consultation to selection, to delivery and installation, we cover your needs from start to finish. Our family-owned business has grown and evolved over the past twenty years, imparting us with the knowledge and skill-sets to provide you with exactly what you need.

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framing & installation

Quality is important. We can fill your needs, from shadow boxes to poster, painting, and photo framing. We carry hundreds of unique, high-quality moulding samples, and will special order custom mouldings upon request.

    • traditional framing (artwork, photography, certificates)
    • special framing (awards, medals, jerseys, quilts, small 3-D objects)
    • vinyl wall graphics for children's rooms or recreational areas

There are a number of reasons that some of our customers aren't comfortable hanging their work themselves: large, heavy pieces; mirrors; complex groupings; and hard to reach places are often best left to professionals. Some of the hanging systems we use include:

    • standard picture hangers
    • cleats for heavy objects
    • three- and four-point security systems to ensure pieces are not knocked off of wall
    • stainless steel offsets
    • rail and cable systems (we are an Arakawa distributor)

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fine art sales & consultation

At Carolina Gallery, we understand the importance of a first impression. We specialize in the sale of fine art originals to collectors, interior designers, architects, and other professionals. If you're remodeling and need help selecting new work for your home or office, we provide on site consultation as well as sales and installation services. Our staff can assist with the following:

  • sale of original artwork for the walls of your home
  • consultation for starting a collection
  • management of existing collections and art inventories

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digital printing & design

Although large format digital printing is generally used for marketing purposes—and we are happy to create quality printed materials for this purpose—our specialization is FINE ART DIGITAL PRINTING on paper and canvas.

We shoot high-quality, large format digital images of your artwork using a Phase One camera, and print on acid-free canvas and papers using fade-resistant pigmented ink.

We can photograph and print the following:

  • heirloom pieces of artwork*
    the prints can be hung in harsh lighting or humid conditions instead of the original which can then be displayed or stored in a safer place
  • photographs or artwork that you own*
    multiple copies of prints can be distributed to family members
  • banners or posters for special occasions
  • digital files that the client provides, that we create, or that are purchased from a digital image service

*copyright laws apply

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110 Carrie Court • Greenville, South Carolina 29615 • 864-585-3335