We specialize in ART related printing!


Although large format digital printing is generally used for marketing purposes—and we are happy to create quality printed materials for this purpose—our specialization is FINE ART DIGITAL PRINTING on paper and canvas.

It is an area on which we have been focused for over twenty years. We can take high quality, large format digital images of your artwork, or work from digital files from other sources. We print for commercial and institutional, residential, and artist needs.



Epson 9000s and Phase One Camera


Items we print include:


• giclées of art images printed on paper or canvas; we use acid-free paper and pigmented lightfast inks for superior results

• heirloom pieces of artwork*
the prints can be hung in harsh lighting or humid conditions instead of the original which can then be displayed or stored in a safer place

• photographs or artwork that you own*
multiple copies of prints can be distributed to family members

• prints that are face-mounted on plexiglass

• murals & wall graphics printed on self-adhesive vinyl

• kid’s art for nurseries or playrooms

banners or posters for special occasions

• posters

If you don’t see what you want above, please contact us.


*copyright laws apply


Printing1Light Tables and Laminator


Questions to ask your printmaker.


• What type of inks do you use; pigment or dye?

• What types of print media do you use; canvas, watercolor paper, film?

• Have your ink media combinations been tested for archival qualities ? If so, what are the results?

• How do you capture the artwork? Direct digital capture or photographed to transparency and scanned?

• Is all artwork capture performed in-house? If not, how long will art be out to third party and who will be responsible for it?

• If art is to be photographed, what type of lights are used for exposure; flourescent, HMI, tungsten?

• Do you employ Color Management in your scan to print workflow?

• What is the maximum potential size of final print?

• Can you provide a certificate stating image parameters?

• What media is the final file archived onto; tape, CD, zip disk?

• Can you include trademark information on the final prints?

• How many and what size proofs will be provided in initial set-up charge?

• What is the charge if additional proofs are required?

• How much is the scanning and set-up (proofing) charge?

• Is there any additional charge for overspraying prints?

• Is the final print capable of being enhanced? Using what medium: oils, acrylics, watercolors?

• What happens to the file once the artist decides to discontinue printing?

• How many copies of the final archived file will exist? Where will they be stored?



Color Proofing Station


How long will a giclée print last?!


Display life predictions given here were derived from accelerated glass-filtered flourescent light fading test conducted at 75% and 60% RH and are based on the "standard" indoor display condition of 450 lux for 12 hours per day employed by Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc..

Illumination conditions in homes, offices and galleries do vary, however, and color images will last longer when displayed under lower light levels; likewise, the life of prints will be shortened when displayed under illumination more intense than 450 lux.

The predictions given here are the vears of display before easily noticeable fading, changes in color in color balance, and/or staining occur.

These display-life predictions apply only to the specific ink and paper combinations listed. Print coatings tested to date have shown little if any benefit in terms of prolonging the display life of dye based prints; with some ink/paper/coating combinations, the coatings have even proven to be harmfull to image stability.

Iris Graphics Equipoise Ink Set

Arches Cold Press 32 - 36 years Somerset Velvet Paper 20 -24 years Iris Canvas 16 - 18 years Arches for Iris Paper 13 - 15 years Liege Inkjet Fine Art Paper 2 - 3 years

Iris Equipoise

Black Ink Only (Monochrome Prints) Arches Cold Press Paper (test continuing) > 80 years Iris Canvas (test continuing) > 80 years

Current Photographic Color Prints

Fugicolor Crystal Archive Paper 60 years* Kodak Ektacolor Edge 7 and Royal VII Papers 18 years Konica Color QA Paper Type A7 14 years* Agfacolor Paper Type 10 13 years *Predictions integrated with manufacturers Arhenius dark storage data

Generations Pigments

Royal Weave Paper (test continuing) >50 years 4 Waterproof Canvas (test continuing) >50 years *should be similar to other pigment inksets

Epson Pigments

Tests are continuing but Epson is stating an expected life of 100-200 years. *should be similar to other pigment inksets



Roland Printer


face-mounted on plex
wall graphics




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