Robert Urban

about the artist

After earning his BFA in 1990 from USC, Urban packed his art supplies and moved to California. While there, Urban pursued graduate work in studio art at California State University, Sacramento and the San Francisco Art Institute. During this time period, Urban took his interest in "3-D paintings" a step further and created several installations as well as earth art. It was during this time that Urban recognized his deep affinity for nature and his interest in communicating his environmental concerns within his artwork. The Bay Area's rich art scene - rooted in funk and a vivid color scheme -connected with his own aesthetic. Urban's use of color and the "collage" aspect of his subject matter, can be traced to the influences of the time spent living in Northern California.

about the work

"I am a painter of landscapes, but not in a traditional sense. My art primarily reflects the ongoing struggle to coexist between nature and humankind. This is my effort to create a sense of meaning from the world: order from chaos and chaos from order"..."revealed through numerous layers that build up over time, much like the layers that create our lives. These layers are added and then removed through various methods.

"A landscape setting I have visited will usually be the initial inspiration for an artwork, or possibly a whole series of pieces...Environmental concerns for Earth affected by human interaction, remain just below the surface of each artwork I create."


Robert Urban.
Among Trees 07. 11" x 08". acrylic with mixed media.

original fine art

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