fine art

Carolina Gallery specializes in the sale of Fine Art Originals to Collectors, Interior Designers, Architects, and other Professionals


large format digital printing

Our Giclée prints are produced using archival inks, papers, and canvas and give each piece a look and feel similar to the original art.


art consultation

Our discerning clientele appreciate that the experienced and knowledgeable staff will advise on choices for every art need, and will provide in-home consultations on request.


framing & presentation

Carolina Gallery offers certified professional framing to fill commercial, institutional, and residential needs.

projects portfolio


Over twenty years of experience


fine art

original fine art

  • Carolina Gallery specializes in the sale of fine art originals to collectors, interior designers, architects, and other professionals
  • it is affiliated with dozens of local, regional, and national artists
  • our in-house database has over 2,000 images of work by many of the artists with whom we are affiliated
  • we will work with other galleries to ensure that the right work of art will match your needs
art consultation

art consultation services

  • for decorating your home
  • for starting a corporate or private collection
  • for managing your existing collections or art inventory
  • for art competitions
  • for curated exhibitions
custom framing

custom framing

  • we feature quality framing that meets or exceeds business, institutional, and residential requirements
  • we can fill your needs, from shadowboxes for special projects to poster, painting, and photo framing
  • we carry hundreds of samples of unique, high quality mouldings and will special order custom mouldings upon request
  • our ability to order large quantities of frame mouldings allows us to offer extremely competitive prices on custom framing orders

installation services

  • we can install simple or complex layouts of your art, photographs, diplomas, and certificates in your home, office, or institution using:

• standard picture hangers

• cleats for heavy objects

• three- or four-point security systems

• stainless steel offsets

• rail and cable systems
(we are an Arakawa distributor)

digital printing

large format digital printing

  • we print on paper, canvas, aluminum, and vinyl
  • our giclée prints are produced using archival watercolor papers and canvas and give each piece a look and feel similar to the original art.
  • we print for artists and nonartists as well as for businesses.
graphic design

graphic design services

  • our graphic designers will work with you to develop your project through the ENTIRE project, including framing and installation
  • we can repair and enhance digital files of antique photos


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